In KMA’s Specialist Violin Program you will be taught by highly qualified, professional musicians who have studied the instrument at a tertiary level, but who also have immense experience in performing on a national level.

Aside from this, their knowledge of teaching the instrument in a way that is relatable and easy to understand is rare, and what our Violin Teacher’s pride themselves on.

The benefits of learning the Violin are countless, whatever your age may be. Physically, playing the Violin improves coordination and dexterity, and it can also improve posture and strength.

Mentally, playing the violin promotes the development of patience, concentration, and a sharp memory. At the same time, it can be incredibly relaxing and has the ability to take your mind off anything!

Learning the violin has further educational benefits. The violin has an incredibly large history, spanning across many musical styles. Anybody learning the violin will be able to learn to play their favourite music. Whether it is classical, folk, movie soundtracks or pop songs, learning the violin is a beautiful instrument in any genre. While learning the violin is a challenge, it only makes playing music all the more rewarding!

Whatever your goals are, the Teachers at KMA will work with you to help you achieve them. Your musical journey starts here!

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