In KMA’s Specialist Piano Program you will be taught by highly qualified, professional musicians who have studied the instrument at a tertiary level, but who also have immense experience in performing both nationally and internationally.

Aside from this, their knowledge of teaching the instrument in a way that is relatable and easy to understand is rare, and what our Piano Teacher’s pride themselves on.

Deep down, everyone wishes they played the piano. It is a beautiful instrument with a beautiful sound. The piano is truly an instrument for all! Whatever your age, you can learn to play the piano.

Studies suggest that children as young as six years old can enjoy a lifetime of benefits from early exposure to piano, singing, guitar and other types of music lessons.

The importance of learning to play the piano has been documented to promote physical rehabilitation in people of all ages, but can especially help older adults stay mentally active and protect against certain illnesses, such as Alzheimer’s disease.

Do your children want to learn the piano? The self-discipline and determination needed to practice an instrument on a regular basis gives children a special awareness about the process of learning that carries over into their school lives.

The mental exercises of reading and developing hand-eye coordination and dexterity also help strengthen a child’s academic performance particularly in the areas of mathematics, science and reading.

Whatever your goals are, the Teachers at KMA will work with you to help you achieve them. Your musical journey starts here!

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